9:06pm October 23, 2011


Okay, so I’m back from Smith + Mt. Holyoke.

It was pretty cool, actually. I mean it was kind of cold there, but the weather was better than I expected, so that was good.

We got up there at, like, 9 on Friday, so I didn’t actually see Ellen (my sister) till Saturday morning. It was a bit awkward, but we saw her dorm room and a few other places, walked around for a while, had lunch, etc.

Then, since Ellen had some stuff to do, we went and visited Mt. Holyoke. We got there in time for the tour, even though there weren’t any information sessions, since it was a Saturday. I actually really liked Mt. Holyoke; it was really pretty, the classes sounded interesting and I thought my tour guide was pretty cool. Admittedly, the latter shouldn’t really be a factor in my college decision process. But it’s all about the vibe you get, right?

Anyway, Mt. Holyoke is definitely interesting right now. I was only there for a couple hours though (we had to get back to see Ellen again) so I want to visit there again, go to some classes and an information session, maybe do an interview.

And then, back at Smith (after going on a pumpkin adventure and buying maybe 10 pumpkins) we got dinner, I walked around the town for a little, and we went and saw the play Ellen was stage crew for, Nickel and Dimed. It was quite a good play, really, and pretty relevant for the time (it’s about a writer who tries to make a living with a minimum wage job. Needless to say, she finds it pretty hard).

Then we went to bed, got breakfast the next morning, and left. We had to get back by 2 because I had chamber music today, so we left pretty early.

Still, all in all, a pretty good weekend. I think. I’ll let you know once I figure out if my legs are falling off or not. I must have walked 10 miles.

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